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it came out of the wordwork

Distant echo -- Liaden Universe(R) infodump #56 -- and more
Lord Black Cat
Dear Reader:

The material below has been shared in a direct email to those who are on the Liaden Universe(r) infodump mailing list, sent to an appropriate newsgroup, posted on rolanni's LJ, and on the SRM newsgroup on sff.net. But... I forgot to put it here.. sigh.

So please read on if it doesn't look familiar.

* * *
Procrastinators take note!

Less than a week remains to pre-order Allies: Adventures in the Liaden Universe(R) Number 12.

Allies consists of two stories of Clan Korval. The Miri Robertson story, "Fighting Chance," which led off Tanya Huff and Alexander Potter's Women of War anthology in 2005 shows a young Miri on Surebleak. The other story, "Prodigal Son", which is original to this chapbook, shows Val Con returning to Vandar, the scene of much action early in the Agent of Change sequence, where things set in motion during his first visit are coming to a very dangerous conclusion.

SNIPPETS of the two stories included in Allies are now available for perusal. "Fighting Chance" can be found here while "Prodigal Son"may be read here.

Signed copies of Allies may be pre-ordered until November 17, 2006, and will ship the week of November 19, 2006. For more information and to pre-order, visit the SRM Publisher catalog page.
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Where the authors are

Sharon Lee and Steve Miller will be attending Boskone, February 16-18 at the Westin Waterfront (note new venue) in Boston. They are also planning to attend NASFiC, August 2-5 in Collinsville, Illinois.

Second Life news

For those
Second Lifers among us, there is a Move Afoot to create an island for the uses of the Friends of Liad. If you're interested IM Shawna Montgomery in-world.


This InfoDump is a product of the Liaden Universe(R), accept no imitations.

* * *

Some other stuff. Kind of scary that the InfoDump is at Number 56, isn't it? Also a surprise? That we recognize so many of the names of the orders coming in at this late date. In some cases (shudder) I recall not only the country or state people live in, but their street address...

OK, so some of you have been with us since the very first Liaden Universe(r) chapbook in 1995, and some of you were "with us" before that as members of the internet crew that "inspired us" (or read DEMANDED if you will) to attempt Two Tales of Korval. Some, it turns out, even remember the original Lee & Miller chapbook's original incarnation as The Naming of Kinzel. Anyone still here (besides us) who took part in that living room collation party at Lower Gate Court in Owings Mills back in the 1980s, where we hand-sorted, hand-assembled and hand-stapled each book? Those were the days, right? In those days we kept in touch with the crew of MidNight BBS using our Kaypro and 300 Baud modem... Thanks for the ride, folks!

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