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it came out of the wordwork

In and around stuff
One of the problems of being at the center of a global enterprise like SRM Publisher... is that we're not much at the center of things. Since our time is limited we depend on a lot of other people to help make things happen.

So, in Second Life we get a hand from creative Friends of Liad types who have designed flags, t-shirts, and other nifties for the virtual world. If you're in SL and want to help spread the word contact Elan Neruda (that's me) or join Friends of Liad or Science Fiction Rangers or ElseCon ...

In the real world?Our boardwalk store has some nifties they sell for us, since without an expansion we can't stock t-shirts, sweatshirts, mugs and calendars here. They do dell all of these, with our logo... and I need to know if there's something else that should be offered?

And now, back to my regularly scheduled saltmine...

which reminds me, anyone recognize "Up here in the saltmine I have a logjam to break?" ... without going to Google?