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it came out of the wordwork

About this week
Lord Black Cat
I've not been good about keeping up this week. It isn't that I'm ignoring you, I'm just elsewhere, sort of.

Monday night I won the first of my games in the Waterville Chess Club's annual club championship. The game went 44 moves; I had black against Mark McPheters and managed to eke out the win in 44 moves after an early blunder in a messed-up Sicilian that wanted to be a French (oops, managed to get a pawn for the knight I lost on move 14) on my part threatened to lose it all. The ending turned on some wild technical stuff having to do with that extra pawn of mine and his defense of that extra piece; if i can decode my game I may post it at some point. I'm sure we both made mistakes, but it was an interesting game, anyhow. No, I'm not giving it to a computer to analyze.

Earlier Monday I went to the dentist's and locked the implant in place, several times. The "easy 20 minute visit" became about an hour and 20, IIRC; we followed it with our usual dental follow-up... a milkshake. Now I have to practice public speaking again, and also eating, which has changed significantly.

Monday was our anniversary, but we sort of put it off for Tuesday...

Tuesday was voting day... so we went to breakfast and then took off for the coast so we wouldn't spend the day under the cloud of breaking non-news. Old Orchard Beach, Wells Beach, walked in the sand and spray, admired the strange seasonal emptiness of the streets, had a quiet anniversary day with quiche. Then we came home, late, for a glass of Amaretto and a grilled cheese sandwich.

Wednesday...mostly stayed put, use the net for news, and did some work on flyers and stories.

Thursday the same as Wed.; the official word count on the day was like 4000 but there were also about 1500 words of severe rewrite in there.

Today, I've packed some flyers; they'll get in the mail this afternoon and off to Lawrence M. Schoen who'll get them to PhilCon since we can't get there. Look for the flyers, look for Lawrence, buy his books and pick up some of our flyers...

Meanwhile some friends in Second Life are working to improve the Lee & Miller/ SRM Publisher exposure there and I have, in several short visits, been rearranging things at the Friends of Liad Park. Look up Science Fiction Rangers, Friends of Liad, Friends of Liad Park using Search ALL if you get to visit this week...

I'm wind-up manic about now, as I get when I'm living as much with my characters as with the world.

(sigh -- apparently LJ prefers fliers to flyers... oh well)

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