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it came out of the wordwork

Glued to the TV
I'm not glued to the TV waiting for Senate race results. I can't do much about them at this point and I've not forgotten that the folks who lost are still at the helm for the nonce, and I hope they'll not do too much lame-duck damage. However, Scrabble is being bored bored bored BORED Really BOrEd do You Hear Me Scratch the chair STevE? today... so I've been rotating the cat videos in the VCR, and it seems to be helping. Last I saw there were squirrels on screen, and Scrabble couldn't tear herself away...

Me, I'm working on Allies, Web of The Trident, and alas, not doing much commenting on LJ, though I am reading Rolanni's polls and the comments they've been generating on an as-time-permits basis... like when I'm eating lunch right here at the computer.

To do list includes printing flyers to send to PhilCon... who all is going, by the way?