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it came out of the wordwork

Al'kin Chernard'i
Al'kin Chernard'i -- from the Liaden -- The day without delight...

We rose to find reports that Nelson S. Bond has died. I met the man only once, though I've read many of his stories and for several years in the 1970s it seemed I couldn't travel anywhere in the SF community without running into someone who knew and admired the man. When I met him I was put in mind of L. Sprague deCamp, which may have been because they shared a strange and only partially hidden sense of play. Bond's influence extended beyond his writing; at one point the Nelson S. Bond Society was a group drawn together by his work who also partied at conventions and pubbed their fanzines with the best of them. Bond would have been 98 at the end of this month.

And then, the next news of the morning was publishing news that SRM Publisher could have done without ... it seems that some 15 or 20 recently distributed copies of With Stars Underfoot...have been mis-bound and actually contain the innards for Necessary Evils. If you recently purchased but haven't read a copy of With Stars Underfoot, please check your copy or copies...