November 4th, 2006

Lord Black Cat

Let them eat quiche

Slow progress is a description, not an order... sigh.

The good news is the snow. It snowed long enough for us to see that it actually was snow and not dust, pollen, or weeds... and it snow long enough that other folks could see it and comment on it. In the grocery store, at the checkout...were snow shovels and ice scrapers for sale....

Complaints of today:

Freespire can't find the sound card in Rolanni's new machine. Wonder if it just makes sense to dump an old sound card into the thing and get on with things. Of course, that means disabling the onboard sound, I guess... not having done anything but thought about it. Could open the case... sigh.

Another complaint on the day: why is it Red-hot breaking news that some guy was feeling a yen for some guy-touch and snuck off behind his wife's back to get it? This was in Colorado folks. You think all them deer-camp hunting buddies are purely after deer when they rush off with their beer or Beam? Isn't it more interesting and more reportable that the US is planning bombing runs against North Korea? just in case?

Complaint another. Why is it that the grocery store I prefer going to charged around 60 cent/lb more for the margarine my doctor thinks I should be using than the Walmart does? Is it because they also offer more lowfat/nofat cheese choice in the deli? Maybe when I get time I'll work up a regional grocery-price wiki... Guess I'd need one of the market baskets to work from... you know, comparing apples to apples and not applesauce? Is there a grocery-price wiki out there somewhere already, like the gas price comparison things?

SO, today I bought six containers of "Brummel and Brown" for $8 even... normally the store I go to sells B&B for 1.89 or 1.99, depending on the phase of something or another. How much does B&B go for where you are... and oh yeah, have you noticed that most tub containers are now 15 ounces and not 16? Canoleo is still a real pound, and we cook with it, but B&B spreads better...

Somehow I found my way to that high school diploma thingy that's been infecting the internet's ether or the ethernets inter....
and hmmm...s a History major turned English major I did OK, and then there was the triangle question which I deduced the answer to, having forgotten the silly letters but understanding the concept...

You paid attention during 97% of high school!

85-100% You must be an autodidact, because American high schools don't get scores that high! Good show, old chap!

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