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it came out of the wordwork

How do things sit with you?
And so...

that's a real question.... how do things sit with you? And how do you sit with your computer...

I saw Tigerdirect selling some chairs, and then the Healthy Back place sent me an email with their echair (I'm on their list on account of having had back problems in the past that kept me from work for ten days at a span)and... frankly, I can't really afford a new chair but I can't afford not to have a new chair. Not sure I'm up for an Aeron, but it's obvious that the $69 Staples wonders are not up to me for very long...

So, talk to me about what kind of chairs have worked for you and which haven't. The one I'm in has done good work, and I think it cost $199.00 about three years ago. Understand that some days I easily spend 12 hours in the thing... no wonder the fabric is worn through in two spots, and the padded arms are covered with the force that holds Maine together -- duct tape in matching colors!

If need be I'll put this on the company credit card... so I may need you guys to all tell your friends to go buy SRM chapbooks so I can continue to sit here and get the chapbooks and LUC #2 together!

So talk to me about chairs, sources, strategies.... this'll need to be done fairly soon.