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it came out of the wordwork

(no subject)
So, bright and early, I put that publisher hat on again....

We saw this news late last evening, and having been through the last thrilling installment of A Night in The Lonesome October... decided to wait until this morning to post anything about it.

Recent SRM Publisher books made multiple appearances in the media yesterday, what with a review of Rolanni's Gunshy at Gumshoe ... and it is a good thing when a review begins with the reviewer's comment "Front and center -- I loved this book" ...
and then over at Gumshoe's sister publication, SF Revu there was a mention of several chapbooks -- Lawrence M. Schoen's Buffalogenesis and also the fairly recent but often overlooked Lee & Miller chapbook Calamity's Child, both of which are available readily from SRM Publisher's catalog if the amazon links haven't kicked in yet.

One of those photos I'd meant to upload the other day --
this was taken from our driveway.

yes it is a little blurry, but it was an absolute grab-shot taken on the run, hand-held, of a bird several hundred meters away. I'm still hoping to get the coyote who is in that field sometimes...

and then there's this, also taken from the driveway....our flag... note that we've been flying this since we went to Old Orchard Beach around Rolanni's birthday, some months back...

and I was not on the run when this one was taken.