October 30th, 2006


Thank you, a follow up, a poll, and seriously mixed-grill

First, a thank you to everyone who commented here on my questions about Liaden Universe Companion(R) Volume 1. Great turnout, useful discussion, helpful...

As my partner pointed out, however "comments are hard to quantify. What we need is an official SRM Marketing Poll!" and so she built one and you can visit it and have your feeling quantified if you haven't already. You can also compare your reaction with other people's reaction. Go, Rolanni!

Elsewise, stuff:

I hate getting an earworm that I can't recall all the words to, so I can't really sing along to it. I don't mean Chopin or Bach of course, because I can't sing to them, anyway. I often use earworm music as the base for silly songs I sing to Scrabble while I brush her -- she, like Patia before her, seems to expect this strange habit of mine these days... she visibly relaxes when I sing, especially if I sing her name....and it helps get her brushed, which is *a good thing* for sure. Dadatodah da... ta scrabblecat tadata...

A brief note:

yes, my stepfather is recovering from his recent fall in the driveway in Owings Mills. His eye wasn't cut, though it was a near thing, so his face is merely bruised; and I'm not sure from the descriptions of the cast-and-treatment if it is wrist that is cracked or his arm higher up. At 80 I figure any fall is non-trivial. If you know any good bone-mending recitations, feel free to recite them now.


Last night we got an advance order for Allies from someone I know. I haven't seen this person in...oh... a decade or two. And this is part of what I love about the sf community -- the person I'm thinking of (is not green) is someone I first met through the power of fanzine fandom sometime around 1968 or 1969, I guess, back when I was just getting started in my self-appointed specialty as a book reviewer. Right... I have fannish friends and acquaintances I've known for 40 years and more... and it's a great feeling to open up an email and know that they're still there and that we still have the SFictional community in common, and it gives me hope that someone I first met in person at DisCon II in DC might bump into me at NASFIC 9...30 odd years (some of them very odd) later.


I think I have discovered where (and who) the monster in the ceiling is. The monster in the ceiling (is green) isn't really *in* the ceiling, but Scrabble thinks he is, and so, sometimes, does Mozart. Rolanni seems to think so, too, but she's not here for me to show this wonder to at the moment...

See, we've been having rain and wind, wind and rain. In the midst of this temperate Maine weather Scrabble began dashing down the hall, throwing herself across the bed, and launching herself onto the dresser to leap onto Rolanni's jewelry box and then... stare. Sometimes she not only stares, but she stretches, and with the added height of dresser and jewelry box under her toes she actually touches the ceiling and... the inside of the outside wall near the ceiling. This by way of keeping track of the unseen (is green) monster.

In the night both Scrabble and Mozart could be found on the dresser. I assume they were staring, I know they were reaching and scratching, trying to get at...something.

Our first thought was that we must have chipmunk/squirrel/bluejay/Cthulhu/Shub-Niggurath taking cover from the elements. This is a charming, sleep-inducing idea. Then recalling recent comments from an old (well, not that old) old Mainer Jhetley about the wind pushing water under the shingles and causing things to drip.... which could of course make the cats wish to dash about like mad-cats, charging the roof...

but now I think that's not it, either. It seems that the monster (is evergreen) lives in the middle of the lawn, and sways in the breeze. Just this summer, in fact it has grown to the point where its branch tips intersect -- in windy weather only -- the lines bringing in phone and cable service. Those have attachments on the side of our house right where the bedroom is... at about ceiling height. And, when the branches (is evergreen) sway in the wind the lines move and the various connectors creak and complain.

Thus does science overcome ... back, you there, get away from there, I say, back! Back!

And later today, if I get a chance, I'll be back. I have several photos, taken from my driveway, to share.

Back... Ok, no more fried crickets for you! (Is green)
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