October 25th, 2006


Warning -- this is all about me!

Biographers take note -- this isn't easy!

Do you find it hard to talk about yourself, or choose what's important? I mean, like, the bio below has nothing about my history as a professional chess tournament director. Nothing about teaching folks with disabilities how to use computers. Nothing about my cats and co-authors Arwen, Patia, Max!, Nicky, Kodi, Brandee... Nothing about being a childrens librarian, nothing about my grandmother's influence on me... sigh. Nothing about the dead dog parties I've been to. Nothing about the newspapers I've written for or edited, nothing about the.... sigh... You'd think I'd have the hang of this now -- I've only been doing con bios for harrpumphtyseven years. I've spent an hour on this and it ought not to take so long, I guess.

Attempted bio for upcoming Boskone:

Steve Miller is a writer, editor, publisher, fan, librarian, and
computer guy who comes to Boskone whenever he can.

A 1973 graduate of Clarion West, he was the founding
Curator of Science Fiction for the University of Maryland's
SF Research Collection, and has been active in fandom
since the late 60s, with a background of pubbing fanzines,
running artshows, and doing convention program books
as well as being in the hotseat as Vice Chair of the
Baltimore in 80 WorldCon bid.

His first pro sales were to Ted White at Amazing Stories in the 1970s. More recently, he's co-author (with wife Sharon Lee) of the
Liaden Universe® novels and stories, including Balance of Trade, winner of the Hal Clement Award for Best Young Adult SF Novel, and Scout's Progress, a Prism Award winner.

Steve is founder and publisher of SRM Publisher Ltd; since 1995
SRM has published an eclectic mix of genre and genre-related titles
including mystery novels as well as science fiction and fantasy
novellas, short stories, and related essays. SRM's thirtieth title is due in 2007.

Lee and Miller's latest hardcover -- due out this spring from
Meisha Merlin -- is Web of The Trident. Also due out RSN
(if not at Boskone!) is the Ace mass market edition of
Crystal Soldier and the Meisha Merlin mass market
edition of The Tomorrow Log.


guess it'll do.