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it came out of the wordwork

A snowy day around the corner, and news...(with short editorial)
They've been promising us snow or flurries for the last two weeks...which I ain't seen yet. Now they tell me that Friday and Saturday are both possible borderline snow events. Let us hope.

It's raining right now -- but we have power, which some of the people in the neighborhood still don't, since the wind that blew through the other day brought a lot of tree limbs down on powerlines. Note that we went to town the other day and avoided several usually very eligible picturesque routes on account of all those branches overhanging the road. I've seen a car hit by falling branches and it's a semi-avoidable hazard, so we did.

News: Take a look and send your friends... to see *three* SRM Publisher titles mentioned in a Locus Online "Monitor" small press round-up ... I'm really pleased to see Gunshy and Buffalogenesis there, since it means at least some of the review copies I've mailed out to reviewers this year didn't go straight to Ebay.

Short editorial: I don't mind sharing a few copies of new books with reviewers as they come out, but the bottom line this year is that SRM needs to sell a few more on-hand chapbooks so we can get Liaden Universe Companion #2 out the door *and* get Liaden Universe Companion #1 reprinted. Reviews do help ... so if you have some of our recent chapbooks on hand and care to review them on a web-spot, feel free. Also, you can add to the amazon review piles if you like, since the chapbooks are largely ignored by reviewers there, IIRC.