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it came out of the wordwork

liadenuniverse.com, liadenuniverse.net
Well, with any luck, .... liadenuniverse.com and liadenuniverse.net are now aimed back at an official Lee&Miller site instead of carrying random ad links, and that's a start. Sometime (maybe this year) we'll figure some stuff out and have a new liaden site/portal. For the moment they are both linked to a korval.com page...that will lead them eventually to liad.htm which may have coding and wording from our first "Authors of The Liaden Universe" webpage from 1994 or thereabouts... so all that will need upgrading.

Back to amazon.com stuff, which we do every so often....

at one point yesterday....
Web of The Trident was running at Amazon.com Sales Rank: #20,360
while Crystal Dragon had a Amazon.com Sales Rank: #13,655 in Books

While they aren't there now, someone somewhere must have mentioned the books ...or an ad hit that we don't know about, which amounts to the same thing. Please feel free to mention them yourself, or invite people to visit the (should be working by now) links above.

NASFIC and Boskone
The world series starts tonight. Suprise. Me, I hope Detroit wins.

Meanwhile I've been checking and yes, we have confirmed room reservations for Boskone and for NASFIC. Still not sure if we're taking the train to NASFIC or not; much depends on the state of gas price next year, I guess.

Also, according to the NASFIC page... the con hotel is booked and almost all of the nearby hotels are booked up or on the verge of being booked up. If you plan on staying close by, now's the time to get that reservation in.