October 18th, 2006


Some times people ask get kicked...

Hey --

psstt... Harvey ...Publish*merica just spammed me about some book with your name on it and they hid a spam address in the supposed link to your blog. Oh, what a mistake, and waste of bandwidth. Snake oil salesmen are higher in my book at this point. I am embarrassed for you.
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Now that I have your attention

now that I have your attention and mine is being vague, I should mention that we've seen.... over on amazon.com ... the working cover for Web of The Trident... which currently is ranked in the top 101000 or so some months before publication. Guess I need to get on the stick here... in any case, please feel free to mention this sighting to your science fiction reading friends.

I wonder... have I mentioned to folks that AFAIK there will not be an advance signing arrangement with this hardcover? So, feel free to order from your favorite SF specialty shop like Pandemonium, Borderlands, Uncle Hugos, The Missing Volume,...please help me out -- tell us where you get your Lee & Miller books, if not right from Meisha Merlin... or the big two: amazon and bn.com.

Meanwhile, statistics being what they are, I see that Liaden Universe Companion # 1 softcover is ranked at #542,744 at amazon, which isn't bad considering that the book has no official national distribution so all "amazon" sales are through affiliates. Even scarier? With Stars Underfoot is ranked at #324,729 ... and Gunshy, brand new, is at #735,099... again, with all sales through outside sellers or used sites.

Also, I should mention that I expect to have the ISBN for Allies posted RSN for those of you who like tall the details. Watch our catalog page... and eventually I guess it'll show up on amazon, too.

What can I say? Time to get to work.

Version 1.3 -- updated in the afternoon...

I now have these numbers:

0-9776639-4-9 978-0-9776639-4-1
both of which are ISBNs for Allies.

I also see that mentioning a "current" amazon ranking for Web of The Trident doesn't work this early in the cycle...it went from circa 101000 to circa 125000 in about two hours... oh well...
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