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it came out of the wordwork

Oddly enough
Second Life
Oddly enough..

some people order books from SRM Publisher and (apparently) forget to tell us they've moved. I could see it if we were talking pre-orders, heck, I've moved on short notice myself in the past....but... when someone orders a book on Wednesday, has it mailed on Thursday....and it comes back to us 30 days later marked "moved, no forwarding order" it makes you wonder. Did they forget to change their address in Paypal? Did they forget they'd moved?

Other stuff:

Mozart is being an unhappy cat, what with *his person* off doing this "work" stuff she does from time to time. Huh! He wasn't sure it was happening until Steve returned from the doctor's office (flu shot time...) and the post office... with no Rolanni in tow. He's meebled royally, come into my room and looked around, sniffed noses with Scrabble, and retired to his cat hammock.

I see that Sun has an office in Second Life now, and so does Reuters. One of these days we'll rebuild our store, in the mean time there's a place called Life2Life that's doing a great job of selling Lee & Miller books.