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it came out of the wordwork

Back in the saddle
An excellent weekend of cat-watching, walking on the beach, dinner with friends, and then... parking proved to be a bear in the Saco area where we thought we'd stop in .. a long-way-home ride through some of the mountains and foothills of Western Maine, a finishing-touch fall foliage ride up (and down) Streaked Mountain between Paris and Buckfield... and then the Winthrop-Augusta-Waterville main roads to get home...

We also found/refound WBACH on the radio in Old Orchard Beach and discover it's now streamed on the internet....

Home meant cats were cozy and so were we... and now all this email to take care of and a bunch of paperwork... wheee...and then dentist appointment late in the day today, which is usually not my choice of schedule, but we wanted to be sure there'd be no interference with the cat show...

Off we go, as paperwork is demanding!