October 12th, 2006


Local stuff

With any luck, this

photo from Mainetoday.com will still be up when you see this blog ... and if it's not the photo in question is three moose crossing the road -- the direction the photographer is traveling is the way we travel to the PO at least three days a week....

meanwhile, this morning we took Mozart to the vet in Waterville for a check-up, leaving here in tumult of rain and cat-complaints. The wipers, on high, had their work cut of for them once we got underway.

Arriving at one intersection I saw a back-up... and deduced yet another flood at the corner of China Rd. and Bay Street. Thanks to the "new" bridge (I dunno... maybe 8 years old) we had another way to get to town without a 12 to 24 mile detour... and once *in* Waterville we had to drive around several puddles large enough to swallow pick-up trucks... all that before getting Mozart to the vet. Mozart sang a song of complaint the whole way *to* the vets but was quiet on the way home... when, buy chance, the rain was also not pelting the car like acorns on a tin roof.

Now to dry my shoes...
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