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it came out of the wordwork

Writing undone and done, and dream...and stuff
Got some writing done yesterday after undoing some other writing; way it goes.

Spent part of this early morning dreaming in story, which doesn't always happen, and also dreamed about Roger Zelazny, which may be a first for me. In the dream Roger handed me a just finished manuscript to look at (he'd done that when I used to stop by to visit him in Baltimore -- among others I got to see the just finished 9 Princes in Amber, which he was quite happy with) except this manuscript was typed in color: green and blue and orange and red and I couldn't quite read the title because the font was so garish... guess that's what we get for reading from Night in The Lonesome October after doing 4 hours of my own writing last night.

Any stealth candidates where you are? I ask this because I got some campaign literature form a local candidate the other day. I dunno, don't you think it's odd that he forgot to mention anywhere in the brochure that he's affiliated with the Republican Party? I didn't even see it in the fine print.... I mean, you is or you ain't, right? If you're running for office as an independent you say that. If you're running as a Democrat, you say that.... don't you?

Ravens deserved to lose that one, but I'm still sorry. Chance of snow showers no longer listed for Friday night. Still sorry about that, too. Way it goes.

* PS -- got through the first time without a single misspelled word. Hah ... LJ didn't agree, and gave me these choices for Zelazny:

Sleazy, Lazing, Blazon, Sleazily, Zuzana, Sleaze, Zeal's, Nelsen, Nelson, Blazing, Glazing, Sealing, Slain, Zealous, Sleazes, Celene, Celina, Celine, Sela's, Selena, Selene, Selina, Seline, Zola's, Solacing, Celestyn, Luzon, Sloan, Leasing, Slays, Cellini, Cezanne, Gleason, Salazar, Celling, Selling, Delcina, Delcine, Zarla's, Nealson, Larceny, Salon, Seals, Realizing, Ceylon, Sloane, Lacing, Lasing, Season, Sleazier, Salons, Selznick, Suzann, Saline, Seal's, Zealously, Celia's, Selia's, Sella's, Sloan's, Salon's, Ceylon's, Zolly's, Celina's, Selena's, Selina's, Celene's, Celine's, Selene's, Seline's