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it came out of the wordwork

Have you ever been?
Over the last few months we've been to a couple of "expos" and other convention center-type shows and then a comment on Rolanni's mentions of one of the shows made me think.... that there are a LOT of "shows" out there.

Then, today, I went to the reconstructive dentistry office (again) and had some time on my hands between being examined and prepped and etc... and I had the reporter's pad Rolanni lent me...and thus was able to think about other thigns, which was quite useful.

So here's a list of the kinds of shows I've been to in my adult life (being dragged as a kid doesn't count) and you can play too. Some of these I went to on my own bat, some because I was a reporter and got paid to go, some because I was working in an industry at the time and got paid to go...

Have you ever been to a....? I'm not including science fiction conventions and related genres.

I've been to all below at least once:

car show
cat show
dog show
general community pet show
lumberjack show
gem and mineral show
boat show
flower show
home and garden show
recreational vehicle show
new home show (they built them inside the convention center!)
experimental aircraft show
model train and dollhouse show
mobility and adaptive technology show
gun show
machine gun show
knife show
computer show (and swap)
local/regional/and statewide business-to-business expos
health fair
holistic liveing and vegetarian health expo
fire and rescue equipment show
carpet and floorcovering sqles expo
senior lifestyle show
leather-working show
antiques expo
rescue equipment
comic book show
adult video and erotica show
library convention and expo
Book Expo America (hardly anything else like it!)
neighborhood sidewalk art show
regional juried art show
printing and publishing equipment show
christmas craft show
woodworking show
State fair
county fair

I'm sure I'm missing some.... but I've never been to a bridal show. I was once hijacked to a Billy Graham thingie by some extremely misleading folks who I'd thought were friends and thus learned an important lesson and so I was able to not get suckered into the "business expo" which was actually an evangelical AMWAY presentation... but that's another story and probably a rant as well.

In any case please feel free to copy and extend this list, and bold the kinds of shows you've been to, or perhaps put an X in front of the kinds you've helped put on. SF conventions ought to come in another list in a few days...