September 24th, 2006


Kind of a long day somehow

Between technical glitches in Rolanni's office and a slow mind in this one the day has gone longer than I'd like.

The Orioles lost. Sigh. Next year....

The Ravens, somehow, won. Field goal with 20 seconds left, enough to win 15 to 14. We'll take it.

A good part of my day was spent trying to get someone, anyone, within a half light year of Gem to speak to me.

I didn't expect Milt to talk to me. He insisted. And ... he finally let loose with this stuff about his dreams when he was a kid. Milt, Milt, you're an Outrider for the Combine... what are you doing telling me about your childhood, anyhow? Geesh. But hey, words on the page is good.

Now, for a quiet glass of wine and a snack.
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