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it came out of the wordwork

Calling experienced web-meeters
Second Life
Hoaky there,

heads up geekoids... a chance to foam at the keyboard about that hateful/favorite/bland bit meeting/collaboration software you've used....

we've done some "meetings" and some teaching in SL, but it's subject to lag and the unpredictable "rolling log-out," not to mention the not-so-rare griefer.

We've been interviewed in IRC and on related-type things...

So what we're looking for is useful software to do online small-party teaching and consulting. Small party meaning 10 or fewer participants at any one time.

I have in house invitations to try:


and am willing to look at other solutions. At this point it looks like there's a monthly $nut to crack -- that could be doable, but we'd need to be sure that what we're working with will actually work...

So does anyone know if Ekiga will work with Freespire?