September 20th, 2006


A message of various parts: Some weeks are harder than others

Again, I say, Some weeks are harder than others.

This week hasn't been a bad week, but it's been expensive; figure medical outgo since Monday last (and not including tomorrow) at about 4 or 5 months of mortgage payments. And oh,I am looking forward very much to that check that you told me was in the mail early last week... did you send it? I ask because I put a check into the mail today knowing yours is due RSN. I even sent mine priority. How about you?

Tomorrow, the day starts with a visit to the dentist at 0 early early AM and goes on from there; the likelihood that the day will be entirely fun is quite small. Tomorrow's will be an important step on the hike to being done with 18 months plus of mouth-rebuild, so onward, onward. It's possible I'll have a full smile before Thanksgiving, if all goes well tomorrow.

Today I visited Second Life for awhile, after an amazingly SNAFUed ride about town doing what should have been quick and easy errands. Encountered under-staffed PO, over-worked folks at the eyeglass dispensary (who had my new eyeglasses all ready already), and an unfortunate worker at the local Subway who was apparently well out of her depth making wraps for the lunch-time crowds. I felt sorry for the woman and for her boss -- I suspect the best thing for both of them is if they look at each other at the end of the day and say in unison: "This isn't working out." Being incompetent at a job isn't a sin, only a sign that it's not the job for you. The boss is the one who ended up making our lunch as she did about 4 orders in the time her assistant did one, and it was a well executed meal. Thank You, Subway boss.

Second Life today was stable, fairly fast, and relaxing after the three-quick-errands turned into a four hour marathon. Elan flew on his own and in his skitter; later this week or maybe this weekend he intends to take the airship out for a leisurely tour. Need a name for the airship, I guess, that's not Dutiful Passage. Hmmm... might not be a way to put the name on the thing. I'll have to see ...

I read today about 17 pages worth of the start of the story many of you will be reading by Yule. Not done, but getting there. Nothing like a short deadline to sharpen things up, I say.

We were watching and hearing the birds at lunch; some of them complaining that we've been skimping on seeds which is, alas, True. Between the chipmunk and slow-boat check the birds have been coming out on the short end of the feed-stick. Luckily our friends at the Animal House read mysteries and Science Fiction and are still giving us a kennel discount even though we're down to two cats at the moment, so the cats are fine. So... lots of natural seeds in natural places out there birds... and the humming birds are still getting the sweet stuff, since we have some stores of that. Meanwhile the cat-garden is radiant and the butterfly swath is coming along, too. Next year. Next year!

Let me say this about that: Canon, I like your cameras, though maybe not quite as much as my old Olympus. But I detest your stupid lens cap. Really.


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