September 17th, 2006


Whoa cool ... a book review... and thinking about next year

Beaming in all directions at once, I point to:

Tangent Online has a review of SRM Publisher's latest chapbook...Lawrence Schoen's Buffalogenesis. ... Which for the moment is at the top of the web page.

I'm doing cost-benefit analysis of getting to NASFIC next year. Looks like right now we'd be talking about ... gas-and-driving costs running about three quarters the direct cost of the train option, not considering the luxury of leaving a long and busy con and letting someone else do all the work for a couple days on the way home. Then there's dealing with other drivers, and etc... guess I'm leaning toward the train. Also depends on the need to carry/ship SRM Publisher stock.... hmmm... Of course if we could get intermediate stops/drive by signings, that could make the drive worthwhile. And, if the train comes to Brunswick (as it may be next year) that could drive the cost of the trip up a bit... but make it *much* more convenient. Choices...

Back to my regularly scheduled banging head against chapters...
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