September 13th, 2006

Lord Black Cat

Briefly noted over the last few days

Monday morning, before sun-up, there was ice on the Subaru's windshield. I know this because I had to use the heater to clear it off so we could get to the ocean.

What a day it was: we stood on the overlook at Wells Beach and got splashed by the waves; sometimes coastal Maine will show you that there's a real and not a picture-book ocean out there.

We walked a couple miles on Old Orchard's beaches; saw about three dozen people and a dozen dogs on the beach. Good walk, into a sea-breeze in both directions.

OK, so Maryland's electronic voting system was a mess on Tuesday. Many, many problems. Watch for more electro-mess in the attempt to elect a Bush-sprout in 2008. The link above may not work for you if you don't sign up... sigh.

About Maryland...We don't live there but we do have family and friends there. So I have views, and I'm glad that Mr. WDS seems not to have come out first in the Comptroller race for the Democrats. He's 84 and was out of tune with things when I was still editing a senior-oriented newspaper in Maryland back in 1987. Come on Don, go to the beach!

"Plan B is to tell you how grateful we are for everything you do," .. said a candidate for office in Maryland. Please rush out and buy the book!

Meanwhile, stuff:

Will Amazon be going head-to-head with Sony in the e-reader department? Here's a place, with pictures, and a bit of text, that says so. Interesting...

Other stuff...

...and so we talked to editor and agent yesterday on various topics, and signed some contracts that had been delayed in the mail and stuff. Some of this stuff gets mailed today.

News we can mention:

*Partners in Necessity, the new release, is expected to be in stores early in October, if not before. If you know someone who hasn't been able to find the first three Liaden novels from Ace books, let them know help is on the way.

*Our agent is hot on the trail of a new electronic publisher for us, with the careful reading of potential contracts going on there. This may take awhile, but things *are* in motion.

Meisha Merlin is planning at being at DeepSouthCon, NASFIC, and DragonCon next year. We expect we'll be at Boskone and NASFIC, and maybe elsewhere if timely opportunity and offers permit.

If you see Baggette today, tell her Happy Birthday...

PS... how come LJ's spellcheck still doesn't know "Liaden"?
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