September 7th, 2006


What an age we live in...

For those who are both a bit geeky and lucky lucky enough to see sky of a night...

the folks at Anacortes brought this to my attention today --

The SkyScout Personal Planetarium "combines GPS technology, which gives the time, date and location of the user, software that calculates the position of the objects for that moment and 3 axis sensors measuring gravitational and magnetic fields to determine the true orientation of the SkyScout to the earth."

Meanwhile, a bit more of *that* minor surgery yesterday took up far more of the day than I'd hoped...and I'm not scheduled for a return inspection now for six months. There's a dental visit coming up in a couple weeks, and then a pause while things get manufactured, and a return to the dentist, perhaps before Thanksgiving, for what should finish up the major dental work. The funny thing is that we had to beg off some conventions and readings and things this year and now we have very few things scheduled for next.

Lots of our wildflowers are blooming, almost too late for the butterflies to enjoy. Still, they do look nice out there in the cat garden.

Meanwhile, what's it mean when the woolybears have no color? I don't think I've ever seen a year when they looked so colorless -- nearly translucent! -- and had such a paucity of fur. They're still crossing the street like mad, but they're...sickly looking somehow. If you're not familiar with them, these guys are said to be good predictors of winter weather. Should I be stocking the larder like mad?

We have temporarily reduced our Netflix input... since we have a couple hundred thousand words of book to write RSN and our get-to time was lengthening. Sigh.

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