September 5th, 2006


Already behind

Up betimes sun nearly in our eyes we were in bed so late, and read from Pepys, and then discover we're already behind our proposed schedule for today: we'd been looking for news from "the service department" about a new knob for the washer, which broke unhandily last week.

This isn't just any knob to open something or close it... no, it's a complex bit of equipment that pulls out, and then twists and then pushes in...and has springs and other such attached. In other words it controls the entire operations of the washer, and it broke off entirely, leaving sharp plastic shards behind. It's not something that a simple pair of pliers can replace....

But, as I say, the have not called about it Friday, and when we called they suggested that perhaps today they'd know something early, and off we are to the PO and official places. I fear me one or both of us will be soon reduced to the so-called "laundromat." I note that this is the second major problem with the washer -- could it be wearing out just 15 or 16 years after we bought it? Meanwhile, we'd not budgeted a second repair so soon after the last. Sigh.

Otherwise, it being a pretty morning, I found myself staring out the window toward the lily patch. Pfui... done already.... but I'll post one, anyway.

The car is loaded with a Post Office run, as folks who went to worldcon expecting to find us and our books there have turned to ordering from the handy dandy SRM catalog page where some are surprised to find the Yule chapbook already available for pre-order.