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it came out of the wordwork

Brought to you by Freespire 1.0 live CD
Am playing a bit after banging head against wall on story stuff and seeing the Orioles off to a horrendous 1st inning... after which they were behind losing 9-1 to the Athletics...

So, I finally figured out why I wasn't having any luck with this, the Freespire Live CD (like, man, you know, when you got two whole CD thingies in the machine you'd think they'd make it plain which was the bootable CD!)... sigh.

The Live CD lets you try out Freespire without installing it on your hard drive. You have to make the choice to use the Live CD... please note...

and so I found the right drive, dropped the CD in, and ran it, selecting the Live CD choice, and here on my regular computer while Windows sleeps... it runs.

Quoted from the Freespire page linked above...


* Is a community-driven, Debian-based Linux distribution.
* Is always made available for free use, distribution and modification, now and forever.
* Is available in two versions:
o The regular, complete version includes legally-licensed, 3rd party codecs, drivers and software, to offer better hardware, file type, and multimedia support. Freespire includes turn-key, out-of-the-box support for MP3, Windows Media, QuickTime, Java, Flash, Real, ATI drivers, nVidia drivers, proprietary WiFi drivers, modem drivers, fonts, and so on.

I thought I'd mention this Live CD, one of many Linux live CDs currently available, in the face of the upcoming Vistarazation of America, where $billions will be spent to toe the new Micro$oft line... and everyone has to learn an entirely new version of Microsoft Word. Phooey. A lot of people will find their current computers are... not compatible... with the new M$ tax. I'm using OpenOffice (on both my linux and my Windows boxes)and have been using OOffice for some years now, and am relying on the Linux box for a fair amount of my daily work. Who knows, Freespire may tip the balance.

If you aren't familiar with Openoffice it does come on the Freespire Live CD and is worth looking at. NOTE -- since it's running from CD and not a hard drive, it may be *really slow* to open. Give it a chance.

Otherwise, what's up?

Yesterday we went to the PO and then to Waterville's Maine Street, and then down to Shaws. On Main Street we visited Children's Bookcellar to deliver several copies of Gunshy... and while there we ran into several long-time Liaden fans... and so Rolanni signed a Gunshy and we both signed a Crystal Dragon before heading down to Shaws for some supplies for the long holiday weekend.

Else, it's been quiet; got my walk in today -- 1.6 miles -- and will put more bird feed out tomorrow because it was too wet today once I realized they were low.