August 29th, 2006


Now that I have your attention

There's a link I'd like you to follow which deals with an essential fact all bloggers should be aware of.

Also, I should mention that I expect I'll be a bit more active on the blog front over the next month or two since I'm supposed to be actively rushing about finishing -- which is to say writing -- a book.

I've already started this morning by arranging the dishes in the sink so I can wash them.... I've also brushed two cats, opened the mail, gone through my LJ friends list to add those reciprocal links I've been meaning to add, and I'm waiting for the high-learning curve software suite to arrive. In the next week or two I hope to order in a new printer and start putting the Liaden Universe Companion Volume 2 stuff in order. Wait, I also put my CD player in a new spot in my room, cleaned up another pile of stuff, and now I'm going to look at the music I want in here, after I go fro a mile or two walk in the basement.

I guess I must be ready to write!
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OK... now what?

I did my walk... getting in a fast mile, and am thinking I need to do some calculating so that I have a place to walk *to*...

At one point I was "walking to a worldcon", so to speak, but that got away when I got sick.

I wonder if it makes sense for me to start on Friday or Monday...walking to Denvention 3?
Let's see, if I take the route my Delorme tells me I should take, it's roughly 2100 miles (2085.78). I'd have to figure the number of days between now and Denvention, assume 1 day off a week... whoa, that's quite a trip. Three miles a day or so, of the top of my head. Maybe I'll print it out and think about it. Of course if I start tomorrow, it won;t be as far per day...

Speaking of walking or not: I'm not the only one
who needs to watch that physical fitness

Meanwhile, I walked outside for an extra walk today and saw that... someone or something has stolen the last two day lily blooms. I'm...really sorry, if not aghast. Who eats day lily blooms, anyway? Could have been the wandering deer herd, I guess. I am officially bummed!
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