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it came out of the wordwork

Not quite missing in action
Second Life
Not quite missing in action...

...and not quite missing in inaction, either.

So, there are two potential blooms out in day lily land, which we'll watch and report on over time.

meanwhile, back under roof, we've collated, packed, and shipped all of the pre-orders involving Buffalogenesis. We've also collated, packed, and shipped all of the pre-orders involving Gunshy. NOTE TO SELF in the future, do not publish two new books within seven days without at least one full-time office office assistant.

News of sorts...

One of the checks we've been waiting for has arrived, which is good, meaning the cats can relax because we will NOT run out of cat sand or cat crunchies this week.

Other news...

In house, the official Lee&Miller group reversion letter from Embiid, as well as an extremely useful and welcome disk compilation of various files. This means we can send a copy of said letter to our agent and our agent can formally begin the process of placing our ebooks with a new publisher or publishers. What we'd hoped would be done in July may take until the end of the year or beyond, as we now understand things. Yes, live and learn, and know when to use ice on the bruises.

Last week I almost told you I'd broken down and ordered InDesign, you know, like in Adobe Creative Suite 2?, which I did, springing for faster shipping and seeing the heavily overburdened SRM Publisher Ltd. Official Credit Card duly charged for all. Only the suite did not arrive. Not Wednesday, nor Thursday, nor Friday, despite us making sure someone was here to sign for the not-inexpensive collection of paper and plastic when it arrived. Oh ho ho....and oh ho ho again. Saturday I got through to "Customer Service" ... which informed me that in fact item was in process, and might not be shipped for ...awhile and had no date to share with me, but when it *was* shipped they'd be sure to ship it fastest available means. Oh ho ho...oh ho ho.

So, canceled that order and then took a long walk to consider serenity (lower case), got online Sunday, and tried it from another source, which is promising delivery in a week or so. We shall see. In the meantime I've been finagling stuff in old Pagemaker and also in new OpenOffice 2.0, which is surprisingly powerful, and if some places I need to deal with didn't insist I know CS2/InDesign I might be willing to run with OpenOffice. This getting locked-in to software by outside powers is a pain.

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what one wit has called "The Surebleak Book" following I Dare
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To which I say -- thanks for the nice notes and the interest. We hope to go to Worldcon in Denver. We will not be at WorldCon in Japan, thank you very much. Most of the other answers depend on contracts not yet existing. One answer is: not on your life!

Now, back to work.