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it came out of the wordwork

Lots of wildflowers and ....
Lord Black Cat
Lots of wildflowers and not a day lily in sight... but that's the season we're in.

Spent yesterday wrestling with web-stuff and some story stuff... the results of the webwork can be found at one of the usual spots, which is to say the updated catalog page which page work was assisted by timely reads by Friends of Liad. Note the *other* page you'll find now -- linked to that page -- which is a page with signed Ace books and other stuff. I think within a day or week or two, there will also be some Yard Dog Press stuff over there...

Somewhere on this computer is a file with some new icons. Now if I can recall what I named it....

As for last week, went to the dentist and got a bill larger than our down payment on the house. Go team...also have promises that "the work" ought to be done by November 1, only a year and a half behind original schedule. Well, that's something, anyway.

Saturday we took off for a quick run to visit friends in from Colorado -- so it was a 320 mile round-trip to a very nearly random Applebees in Portsmouth, NH. Going down I saw the heaviest traffic in Maine that I've ever seen, and the Easy Pass continues to pay for itself in avoiding lines.....

After the meal we avoided I-95 Saturday afternoon traffic for part of the return, but the lure of the ocean was too great and we ended up spending an hour in Old Orchard Beach as dusk was closing in... and by then the north-bound interstate was comfortably drivable north of OOB and almost empty north of Augusta. Comfortably drivable? Took my blood pressure when we got home 10 hours after leaving... and you'd have thought I spent my day lolling by the beach. 106 over 72. Must be something in that sea air... sigh.

Today I'm off for Augusta to pick up the *rest* of the first print run of Gunshy. While they were all printed, they hadn't all been bound in time for the official publication day last week.

Oh yeah, yesterday's catalog page work opened up ordering for Allies, Adventures in the Liaden Universe Number 12, which is to say the Official SRM Publisher Lee & Miller Yule chapbook for 2006. Let your friends know!