August 13th, 2006


Heads Up -- looking for advice -- first posted to the FoL mailing list...

Dear Friends of Liad and all the ships at sea:

we discover from recent email queries that some Ace editions of the Liaden books are becoming increasingly difficult to find. We have on hand a few copies of most of the Ace editions, and in fact can put together all of two complete extra sets of the more or less current Ace editions,

Agent of Change
Conflict of Honors
Carpe Diem
Plan B
I Dare
Local Custom
Scout's Progress
Balance of Trade

while we have a few more of the other books, the limiting factors are the Prism award-winning books Scout's Progress, of which we have 2 copies beyond the working/author copies we need, and Local Custom, of which we have three.

so should we:

1) let you guys know and accept offers for the set from the regulars in case someone here still needs a complete signed set of the Ace books...

2) or put them on eBay and compete with all the other people who are trying to sell the books at what seem to us to be outrageous prices?

I will mention that in the next few days I will be listing the other books on the SRM website, though I may try some eBay auctions as well. I also have a few extra copies of some of our other books which I'll be listing as direct purchase from the SRM site in the coming days...

Also, we have two unbound/uncut, suitable for custom binding copies of I Dare. Do you think they're eBay items?

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