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it came out of the wordwork

Still a bit sluggish and other such
and oh again.

Went to the hospital yesterday morning (after 24 hours of clear liquids and nothing else) where they hit me with some "conscious sedation" which means I missed most of what I would have wanted to miss while they poked around with an endoscope (how well named!)... I have a wonderful color printout with circles and arrows (but no cop equipment) and eventually will have a discussion with the doctor about what it all means beyond the fact I'm rapidly closing in on that deductible. I came home, slept, woke, drank dinner (it was *soup*, I tell you!) and then was a semi-wakeful lump until 3 AM when Scrabble curled against me and I finally slept. This week coming I have a dentist appointment and another medical thingy on the calendar.

This morning I was up fairly early and out to see the two... ahaha! No, it was three! day lily blooms, the one right behind the other so that had I not gone out I would have told you it was two. One of the fun things of the day was watching the humming birds just about disappear inside the flowers... the sad thing is that they were doing this from the comfort of the rather skeletal elm tree.

Meanwhile, Rolanni taking on some work nearby, we'd made complex arrangements allowing her to work and me to sleep in and then her to come so that I could drive to Augusta and then... it didn't matter because the binding machine is kerbroke at der printer and neither Gunshy nor Buffalogenesis was ready today. This starts to get a bit tough in making sure Lawrence has his copies at WorldCon, given his travel schedule and the mixed luck we've had in mailing things to hotels. We'll have to see what we can do Monday...

The weather is wonderful today -- the high I saw on our outdoor thermometer was 68 and I'm sitting here now with the windows open and a longsleeved shirt on while Wunderground tells me it's 63F and all of 60% humid, up from an early 50%. Low tonight expected to be in the 40s... so fall is nearly on the way.

But just so you know, I really do NOT prefer just-in-time delivery when it comes to SRM Publisher books. Next time, I have add another week to the schedule!