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it came out of the wordwork

Quiet day to start with
I got to bed late last night but I had good help, in the form of Scrabble almost on my toes, in getting to sleep once I got there. This kind of attention from Scrabble is a recent trend and though we still need to work out some details, it's nice to have her there.

The morning prep for weekly trash pickup means a quick "Do we still need this?" of some junk on the deck and two more bags for the trash-guys. The scratched up mini-cat-box, the apparently uncleanable stainless steel cat bowl from the basement... gone. The deck is not quite neat yet, but it's neater than it was just before Dulsey left town.

The lily count for the day is zero zip zilch. The one I thought would be out today is just about quivering... so I'm looking to one to three on the morrow.

Oh yeah, got two or three meaty working graphs done on Web of the Trident last night. Go team!