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it came out of the wordwork

Actually, not one lily

a slow day on the day lily front, or rather a no lily day. Might be 5 or 6 more to go in the next week, I guess.

Slow day otherwise as well. I woke after 5 hours or so of sleep and may have dozed for a bit but never got my remaining deep sleep, and couldn't really get going even once I got up. On top of my low energy came a wonderful email from a supposed fan telling me exactly which character we need to write more of and dismissing a half-million or more words of our output as filler. Thanks. Guy. I. Needed. That. On the other hand I was able to point out that the character in question seems to have have run out of story lines. Where's Bill The Cat when you really need him, anyway?

And then the day has been full of drinking clear fluids (and making lime Jello!) and trying to concentrate in between. Most of the "got done" so far has been simple chores, though there was rush after Rolanni got home from the temp work... to make yet another version of the Gunshy final, with a few more identified errors fixed...so she could run to Augusta this time. So that proof is finally approved, the proof for Buffalogenesis was approved at the same time so things are, more or less, in order. Thanks Rolanni, for covering.

Web of The Trident continues to insist it wants work and continues to appear a flawless (or is that featureless?) globe without entry points. Maybe later this week, after Pepsi, something will resolve.

Oh yes, thanks for the help with the updated web-stuff.