August 8th, 2006

Second Life

Back to the future...

No. Sorry. Not back to the future quite yet.

Last night was nice and stormy. For about two hours a stream of thunderstorms went by as if flowing in a corridor west to east about 6 to 10 miles north. We could hear them and see flashes in the clouds... and on (let me know if you want a free year membership, I think I still have a couple left) I could watch the radar showing a gradual movement south of that corridor...which meant we had warning enough to close windows and shut down computers (and sigh, no radar for awhile) but we were safely off-line and having candlelight dinner to the sound of thunder when the power went off and the wind and rain came. After 90 minutes or so things calmed and I could see from sky-flash that China Lake and points south and maybe as far east as Belfast were still getting hit. This morning I hear that there was hail in the area according to local police forces...but last night I would have said there was none here.

Back to Augusta today, it looks like. Getting my mileage in as gas prices in our area of Maine begin to top $3.00/gallon. We've been lucky this summer with gas prices, but that luck is diminishing. Anyone out there have a Scion they want to let me use for a few months? We've been doing pretty well with one car but every so often that second car would be really useful.

For the font fans, it turns out my subscription to Jupiter also includes a bunch of fonts I haven't looked at yet...129 of them. Well, my work is cut out for me, i see...

Meanwhile, for those of you who stickle on commas, check this out. Also, if you don't stickle on contracts go back and check it out.

So, three (3) three on the day lily bloom front. Very few blooms to go it looks like. Guess moving that shed has changed the ecology of the area since we usually have blooms well into September.

Away, away...o.
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On the road, yes

Going to Augusta...

should note that I'll be kinda scarce, I think for a few days, with some scheduled guy-over-50 maintenance stuff. Sigh and big sigh.

After that, the schedule includes an uncomfortable amount of work and rework on the Web of the Trident, on account of my weekend reread of The Tomorrow Log in comparison to Web which shows me the voice in the new stuff is off, which leads to some several plot wanderings. Choices need to be remade, and I gotta play a lot of music to get the voice back on track... Hope Scrabble will put up with me while this is being done.

I have most of a James A. Hetley sale page ready to go from SRM Publisher... with luck that'll be online RSN/tonight/tomorrow...

And really, going to go check the proofs for Gunshy, by Sharon Lee... read a sample now! pre-orders for signed books are still being accepted...
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Me again... odd day, I say.... ramble, be warned...

I know.



I was going to be...scarce. Could happen. Else I may want company so I'll be over here every three hours starting in the morning. Or Friday afternoon... or sometime in the middle of the night... it has happened.

been to Augusta, got the Gunshy proofs. Brought them home to look at, will confirm tomorrow.

Been home, played with various art programs, with various layout thingamajigs, with various upload and download options. Fixed silly mistakes several times. Ate some of my (thawed) birthday cake. Worked some more.

So... if you're around this time of the day (for me it is right now 9:01 PM) ...can you look at
This new SRM Publisher specialty catalog page for me... or at this ought to be mostly spelled right, this time catalog page for me? Thanks...

Hey, van! Not Van Morrison -- missed that show, it was someplace else. The van I mean was traveling dangerously through Maine today. Plates were very close to, if not exactly, 823 UBK. CT. Easy to remember UBIK, for some of us, right? Anyway -- Please go home before you pass someone against the lines and don't just miss the dump truck coming the other way. It was amusing in a strange way to see that right after you dashed around me going against the lines, uphill, around a curve... you found out I was going slow because there was a rather small car going slow in front of me because of the truck in front of him. Heh.

This is Version 0001B. I reserve the right to fix more errors, or create more.

Watch The Skies.
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