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it came out of the wordwork

Well now, that was ...
Well now, that was ... not exactly useful

Our 84 mile round trip to pick up Gunshy wasn't very fruitful; it took Rolanni all of about 15 seconds to find a problem, and a few seconds more to see that the same error that affected the proof copy, and was thought fixed, affected all the copies of the finished book....

More tomorrow. For today, we're pretty bummed out. This may affect not only the Gunshy pre-orders but potentially the Buffalogenesis deadline as well. Color me not pleased. At least it happened ahead of schedule, so there may be time to fix things.

So, tell me, since the problem seems to be inherent in the Garamond font I was using...what *are* your favorite fonts for books?

Sigh, I really wasn't planning on moving to InDesign CS2 this month, but we may have to fork over the buck$ anyway just to get on the same technological page as our printers.

Today, not a single day lily. Yesterday, 5.

While in the capital city we *did* manage to find Mozart a replacement of sorts for the "Teddy" we'd sent away with Dulsey, and we found a book on OpenOffice 2.0 ... a SAMS book. Go us.

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