August 6th, 2006

Lord Black Cat

Official Comic of WorldCon

In case you didn't know it, Brewster Rockit is having a contest, and is sort of the official SF comic for worldcon...and I like today's strip.

More later, breakfast is calling my name.

Before breakfast:

Things that ought to be over now:

Extreme. Extreme this and that are menaces to society. Super-sizing is bad enough, but Extreme is .... actively hazardous...Extreme Latte, Extreme Hot Potato Chips, Extreme Chicken Wings, Extreme SUVs, Extreme Religion, Extreme Politics, Extreme Consumption, Extreme Sex ... really, if sex with one person is good is there evidence that sex with 17 at the same time is better?

Reality This That and the Other. Really. Reality is lying in wait for all of us, do we need more *now*...

Girl singers with enhanced... computer enhanced even .... really, really big show-off, super in your face, obviously unnatural...
voices who wail. They aren't doing good opera, they aren't doing good yodel, and I do complain about it when attacked by it in stores, just as I complain about political radio stations (Rush!) being played in retail locations, or Howard Stern. Tired of it. See extreme above. Let's listen to guitar music.

Multi-acre lawn-mowing. For crying out loud. We *do* have global warming and we *do* have three dollar plus a sucking gallon gas prices and why are people needing to have a golf-course look around their mini-mansions, and pour chem-grass all over the world?
Plant butterfly gardens, and hummingbird trees (following my own advice here, our lawn is about 1/3 the size it was 14 years ago, having been replaced by flowers and trees.

Republican push-poll phone calls. Talk about extreme. "Do you support the President's Automatically Patriotic War against Terror and everything else he does or do you favor the Democrat's weak-kneed call for an early pull-out of brave American troops from places that need our intervention in order to look more middle class?" Well duh. Talk about extreme...
(Actually, push polls in general annoy me. It seems the only ones I've been getting lately have been of the "are you a TAP (True American Patriot) or are you against us" kind...).

Really. Why is the coffee gone?
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