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it came out of the wordwork

The day after...
Lord Black Cat
Well you may ask "Why is the rum gone?"

...at least there's still cake... and thanks for those who wished me a happy day yesterday. It was an OK day for me, actually, and I think we can all use more OK days.

This morning I see three lily blooms; and it looks like a hard rain's gonna fall at some point. I have things in the hopper already and am waiting for some info to decide if I need to run to Augusta three times in four days or not. Tomorrow doesn't sound like a fun day to be on the road but if stuff due in doesn't come in early it may still happen. I do intend to get to the printer today for Gunshy.

Personal notes: I haven't played solitaire on any of my computers for 5 days. I *am* playing a bit of miniature golf on one of the linux machines, and a round of $5 video poker is currently in stasis with my pile of loot at $205, on the upstairs Linux box.

Another personal note: a found an unused domain I want to own. Sigh. Maybe tomorrow.

Personal sounding questions which may mean nothing to you:

have you updated your Pegasus?
have you updated your Seamonkey?
have you tried Dapper on disk yet?

Today's little worry, Number 1: does Microsoft intend to own your medical records? Or make sure only MS software can access them? I dunno folks, I dunno.