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it came out of the wordwork

Today is a day
So, breakfast out of the way, and the lily count is 7, which is a good number for lots of reasons.

At the moment I'm listening to under-appreciated Loudon Wainwright III, the CD replacement for the album I first got years ago (much improved over the the worn vinyl I last listened to), sitting here in my office with Scrabble in the co-pilot chair beside me. I think I listened to that vinyl version first on my Panasonic stereo...which was the first thing I'd bought when I started working for Reads (Run Right to Reads!)...so it's a blast from the past. I like the sound of single guitar and single voice...

Today... I'll be in and out of the internet, doing my best to celebrate moderately, since moderation in all things must be my motto, here at the start of year 56. Back to regularly scheduled stuff tomorrow.

Next? I think I'll sneak a piece of unscheduled birthday cake.

Oh yes... before I forget: good reading available at discounted prices -- if you haven't read anything by Ken Rand now's a good time!

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