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it came out of the wordwork

Busy old day with music...
So last trip south I got to wander through a music department and pull random goodies..which I dug out this morning to follow on the POTC/DMC soundtrack we did this morning...

So, right now I have Tim Hardin on as I work out final stuff on Buffalogenesis... and soon I'll be graduating to Loudon Wainright III. After that, maybe the Vivaldi I also picked up then.... or maybe something we have here more in keeping with the bluesy theme I seem to have settled on for the day. Rambling Jack or JJ Cale... or even Janis Ian or Janis Joplin...

The day lily count today: 6.

Yesterday I felt creative so we had pizza chicken for lunch. Today... hotdogs in broccoli and cheese sauce. Which I hope will be done RSN since breakfast was sometime back.