July 29th, 2006

Second Life

catch ups, odd and ends, such and stuff


no lily blooms at all today, ten yesterday... no rain yet today, bands and band of it yesterday. I've been on the road part of the day today, aznd the air is much more breathable than ysterday but still not...quite...good quality.

Gunshy may be ready for a run to the printer on Monday or Tuesday, depending on other Monday stuff. Buffalogenesis... may have a cover...need to see it in proof, which may now happen on Tuesday.

Scrabble occupies the copilot's seat at the moment, and by paw action in her dreams I think she's winning.

PSA Note to people from away: in Maine, the lines on the road where people can walk across the street mean something. Do not assume people will scatter because you approach in your SUV. Do not assume peopel driving in front of you will not stop for people in the crosswalk. End of PSA.

Orioles lost yesterday and are losing today. Might as well trade Tejeda now and get done with it. Maybe they can swap owners too. Cal Ripken for Peter Angelos would be a good deal.

Too much time on your hands? http://www.swarmthe.com ... this is Not For Everyone, another one of those "why did this happen?" kind of things, which lets you see (and visit or chat about)what people are looking at on the web. Adult sites optional. YMMV.

A movie awaits. Off I go.
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