July 20th, 2006

Lord Black Cat

Sometimes we show off...

and sometimes we don't show off.

Today, there's this review of Crystal Dragon found on SF site which is kind of cool.

Then, there's a couple of recent pictures. This lily shot from yesterday... caught my eye.

... and then I found these from the last trip to the ocean.... Kinzel being stern and Kinzel being not-so-stern and I should choose one or the other for semi-official use. Got a favorite? By the way, hair was done by Barbara, with help of Ocean Breeze, wardrobe by the Norridgewock branch of the EAA, and photos by Rolanni.

Today we had two new blossoms on the day lily front, and a bunch of small flowers in the cat-garden butterfly feeding zone.

Got some real work done today as well, but mostly paperwork and layout stuff.

We have a tropical storm passing by within hailing distance, sort of, so if I can get myself roused early I may visit a patch of shore in the morning.
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