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it came out of the wordwork

Before Noon
Lord Black Cat
Actually well before noon, things got underway here today, with a small caravan of vehicles lining our road before 7:20 a.m. including -- Mr. Stetson's truck, the dump truck full of high-grade gravel, a truck pulling a trailer encumbered with a bob-cat clone, a mystery car parked on the neighbor's lawn, and standing around with mugs, cups, and cigarettes in handd were guys with give-me hats of various vintages.

Mozart was ... not as plussed as he might have been about having so much noisy front yard company for breakfast. Scrabble was amused not very much, too, until she realized that there were no lawn mowers. I take it Scrabble had a run-in with lawn mowers in her free-ranging days.

So far three or four wells and the access manhole (and connecting piping) have all been filled with flowable fill, while the first load of gravel has been spread on/for the driveway. I've handed over a contribution of wildflower seeds said to be good for 400 squarefeet of coverage; they'll go into the mix with the meadow grass seed so ... who knows? we may end up with a pretty section of wild lawn next year, if not by late September.

I myself have not been unbusy. We've not been unbusy. I've attempted once again to get Bowker straight on Buffalogenesis, I've fixed a web page suffering with a dropped digit, I've sent off emails to several folks about SRM stuff, and I've even walked a mile, I've confirmed a fitting appointment at the dentist's for tomorrow and Rolanni's confirmed our haircuts for this week and been to the PO and gym.

Despite the heat of the day -- the under deck remote thermometer is telling us it's 93.7 F -- lunch will include a hot turkey sandwich and cranberry sauce, soon.

And... there's one daylily I'm surprised hasn't popped yet, and three or four right behind it...