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it came out of the wordwork

Working weekend, alas, with editor hat on
No time at the beach this week, it appears...

Spent yesterday working with the two different SRM August projects in process, and then fell to adjusting three web pages ot remove remnants of the Embiid links. If you happen to visit our website(s) and notice live links to an Embiid page, please tell... And who would have guessed that 5 different supposed Garamond fonts -- in the supposed same type size -- can occupy such a different amount of space in a book? This I notice in trying to size Gunshy...

Speaking of SRM projects, I have the cover art for Buffalogenesis and need to get our designer to get to it... everything in publishing is hurry up and wait, yes.

Perhaps today I'll do a *real*preliminary count on the day lily buds... I glanced at them the other day and counted to 50 before the bugs got to me...

Have not been doing a lot with Second Life since we got back from the beach, though I did "take" a bunch of items at the Friends of Liad Park compound while I mess with things. Right now it looks kind of...undone over there.

Several folks have asked in the last week and I'm in the midst so I don't have time for a
proper search: can anyone suggest a comparative single-source list of genre-oriented writing workshops -- if one exists? There are a lot of them these days, and a lot of hopeful writers want to know... hmmm... if I get time I guess I can set up a genre-oriented writing workshop wiki...

Coffee, please send coffee.

Meanwhile, can I mention that Talebones is looking for subscribers? Really. I've never sold them a story but it's been an important small press magazine for years and if you've got room for some more reading you might give them a try...

Coming attractions
A more thorough but not definitive count...shows approxomately 85 buds on the day lily bunch so far, with several looking on the verge of being flowers RSN.

I note that we've been told to expect men with trucks and gravel tomorrow so we may have a new driveway to set off the soon-to-be-flowers. Hoo-Ray.

Otherwise, a working day here, with several new ISBN barcodes ready to festoon decorative back-covers, and a working copy of the Gunshy front cover seen and approved, now it's back cover time (hence the bar codes)....