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it came out of the wordwork

Hot time in the country... and some minor complaints -- an ordinary day with peanuts?
Lord Black Cat
Not hot like we had it in Baltimore when we were running a multi-acre blacktopped storage facility with metal roofing... and we'd get a quart of fountain soda for each tour of the lot and need something to drink when we came in, with microsystem airtemps sometimes in the 115-130F range...but warm for Maine. I *do* miss being at the ocean.

Other things go forth: Part of what I've done today is webitize a nice snippet from Buffalogenesis which means you're all at liberty read the snippet and then use the handy-dandy link at the bottom to order yours today...

And now a few complaints

Someone somewhere has decided that in order to keep customers businesses must have a certain amount of personal contact in a year. For example, the auto-supply place we usually deal with now has a policy of calling a day or two after service to ask "was your experience satisfactory?" To which I finally answered "Give me your boss... and then read the riot act about how they'd know if I wasn't happy... and I wasn't happy about having my day interrupted to answer spam phone calls. I am now on a special "do not call" list there.

Now a financial institution I have a loan with has taken to calling to "thank you for your payment."

So today they called while I was eating lunch. To thank me for making a payment. While gollygee George, I make a payment every month. I have made a payment every month for more months and years than I care to think about. On time every month....

And so I interrupted whatever invitation they were offering -- I think it was to stop by the new office and have a glass of ice tea and some chocolate cookies in honor and celebration of my having made my payment -- and explained that I found phone calls thanking me for sending my check to be obnoxious and akin to patting a dog on the head for sitting when required to do so. And since that's what I had to say to them with lunch on the table, I then hung up.

I bet the person who came up with the "personal phone calls keep customers" doesn't answer his own phone.

I also am still put off by people asking for my "cell number"...it dates me, I know, but I feel like I need to answer "Block 12, Cell 4, Thomaston State Detention Center..."

Continuing with a theme...I can't understand why I still get broadcast email from organizations... email that lets me go into the headers and collect the names and email address of hundreds of their members. I mean, I mean, I mean, this is a new century. have you not heard about security? Privacy? Spam?

Meanwhile, have you heard the "sweet pop girl band" version of an old favorite lately? I did...I nearly choked on the phrase "paranoia strikes deep" backed by a kind of sultry-sweet girlish doo-wop harmony.