July 7th, 2006



In the last week some things came together for us, including the unexpected opportunity to spend several days in Old Orchard Beach, Maine, where we soaked up sun and walked ...perhaps a bit too far one day. The day after we walked too far we didn't walk at that far at all...

The good folks at the Skylark (#2 Brown Street, Old Orchard Beach, Maine) let us know they'd had a cancellation for the start of the July 4th week, and though we couldn't afford the whole week we got two days plus at the ocean plus two nights worth of amazing fireworks. A bonus? We got our regular room overlooking the ocean and with a view of several islands. A minor technical glitch with the in-room stove made one of our meals a bit of an adventure, but we enjoyed our time, even if the 4th of July itself had a high temperature there at the beach of 62 degrees F. I should mention I love the intermingled sounds of the surf and Amtrak's Downeaster running by as high tide comes in... Oh yes, we would not have been able to take advantage of this opportunity without the assistance rendered by folks who have visited the Liaden Universe World Tour Trip Jar , which essentailly financed this getaway.

Since our return I've been updating the SRM catalog to include the preorder page for Lawrence M. Schoen's Buffalogenesis as well as for Rolanni's Gunshy , both of which will be published in the last half of August. There will be more updates as we choose a sample of Buffalogenesis to whet your appetite.

Today's links: Lawrence M. Schoen is Klingonguy on Live Journal and Rolanni is Sharon Lee in real life, Kit Jimenez in Second Life, and and has remodeled her Live Journal fairly recently...

More soon, but duty, in the form of letters and email to bookstores re the upcoming publications, calls. If you know a bookstore that needs to know about any of SRM Publisher's books, let me know. If you know of a bookstore that needs to know about any of the Lee & Miller fiction juggernaut, please talk to them and encourage them for us.