June 27th, 2006


Days going by...

Busy day, going by busily...

One of the long overdue checks recently came in and is just about evaporated between paying down some of the dental bills and taking care of ordinary things that were threatening to snowball into emergencies. Such is the romantic life of the freelancer...

Today I spent a lot of time waiting for the car to be looked at; we did new brakes and oil-change in the end, with the consensus being that the tires ought to last out the season at least, and probably be good until next spring, assuming we don't go on a couple of monster road-trips. So I was busy waiting, and reading a history of the Maine coast, before busily driving out to the PO and determining that none of the other overdue checks have yet arrived.

Busily decided to make lunch as an antidote to not getting a check...and I knew I had some nice organic carrots to hand. So I got busy and...I then spent far too much time with the guy who is overseeing the reclamation of our land from the remains of the gas-removal project, who came by in the midst of lunch preparation.

Far too much time? Yep, came within a hairsbreadth of irretrievably burning the carrots I was cooking to make carrot puree for lunch. The pot needed a lot of scrubbing, sigh.

But, I'm told the driveway part of the reclamation ought to be able to start in the next week to ten days (as always, weather permitting)... and with the 4th of July next week I'm not holding my breath on this getting done before the end of July. The rest of the reclamation project will have to wait until the water table drops enough for the old wells and test wells to be filled. Who knows when that might be?

Lunch, btw, was a success. Next time I need to add a bit of allspice or cinnamon.

I busily dragged out the day lily icon today because much of the work to be done for the driveway takes place immediately adjacent to my prized day lily patch. Chance of that patch surviving the various sling and arrows of outrageous machinery is... not all that good.
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