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it came out of the wordwork

In the usual way of things, I multi-task,...but ...
The problem being that sometimes when you multi-task it can look and even feel like you're actually mini-tasking until the moment everything comes together.

Today, for example, I've worked on a number of SRM publisher projects. including a bit on the next SRM Publisher chapbook, which we hope to announce soon, a bit on Gunshy, which we have announced but which needs lots of detail things done, and a bit on other web stuff... and... and...


something that got done:

Which is to say a fairly long snippet from Rolanni's mystery novel Gunshy which you can read online right now.

In short order that page should be referenced properly here at the main SRM Publisher Ltd. Online Catalog which has has a couple errors being fixed, not just RSN, but RSToday!. Not a face-lift, just minor additions and corrections, there.

Also today a run to the PO ... which wasn't all that useful. A stop at a new-to-us restaurant, which occupies what was a start-up church which apparently failed. As at most Maine feederies, breakfast was too much for one of my diminished appetite. A check-in for fan pricing at one hardware store and a buy of the same fan -- at the same price -- at another store. A new kitchen rug for Scrabble to replace the one that got destroyed during the Dulsey-Scrabble turf war.

Next, a short run to Second Life to pick up inventory items and messages from people, and then back to some of the web work, I expect.

Tonight we are faced with the interesting question: do we watch Princess Tutu or shall we watch the railfan travel CD? Choices, choices.