June 22nd, 2006

Lord Black Cat

On the road, again...probably long

I've been on the road a bit; I guess I've put over 1000 miles on the car in the last week, including yesterday's run which took us through Maine to NH, from NH to MA, from MA to NH, and finally back to Maine though back roads from Merrimac until we stopped at Old Orchard beach to catch a late afternoon snack and a dose of beach-walk and sea air, and then another 110 miles back home.

The drive yesterday had us delivering Dulsey to the care of another cat-person for later delivery to Pittsburgh. The weather was great, but the getting-to part was fraught.

At one point we got stuck behind a large truck carrying three or four vehicles which was also towing a damaged dark-brown pick-up. I didn't like the arrangement, as we could sometimes see the pick-up sway but we just couldn't quite get around it. I changed lanes to not be directly behind it. Then, quite without warning, a highway department truck towing a trailer full of road barriers pulled straight across the interstate...causing much slow down and weaving and some horns and perhaps a few of those well-known choice words, and probably selling a few extra end-of-day beers. Also Dulsey was thrown about a bit, as we'd let her out of the carrier so she could be close to us.

Now, the truck towing the damaged pick-up nearly got tangled in the truck with the barriers...but didn't. I thought I heard some metal noises, but there was no sign of actual accident. In the ensuing recovery I switched lanes as others got themselves sorted... and things began to pick up the pace. On average traffic was running between 72 and 80(mph), with the posted limit of 65. Eventually, I saw that the truck-with truck was again ahead of me. Oh well.

Suddenly, and without warning, a pirate ship appeared on the horizon.

Well, no, it wasn't that easy.

Suddenly and without warning what appeared to be the upside down hood of a dark brown pick-up truck was sliding and spinning in the road in front of me...in our lane of travel. Wheee!

I was alert and other drivers around me were alert; I did a very, very, very, very rapid merge right with about a foot to spare in front of a decelerating black VW...and in about 15 seconds everything was back to normal, with traffic moving about 75....

Delivering Dulsey at the mall was a sad thing, enlivened considerably by an impromptu book signing of about two dozen Lee & Miller titles. Dulsey, it should be reported, took the entire trip like a real trooper, including my carobatics and the dozen or so miles running at fairly high speed and unfarily loud volume on roads that were scraped-and-grooved in preparation for repaving.

Oh yeah, as soon as I finish this, I'm going to be running another 100 miles or so of errands. Catch you all later.
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