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it came out of the wordwork

One less roof
One less roof on the property as Todd came by with friends and jacks and other implements of destruction and hauled away the building formerly housing the local EPA pumping station -- on our front lawn. Now there's a large plot of raked dirt with a circular pipe heading 8 feet down...and a wooden cap on that, with an old rickety saw horse armed with yellow caution tape on top of that. We are not likely to win the House Beautiful Lawn of the Year award this year, alas.

Perhaps I should have taken photos of the stalwarts at work. Instead I was in Second Life and also working with Dreamweaver trying, yet again, to get another website in order. RSN, I hope.
I did some fix-up work on The SRM Online Catalog the other day... replacing the old "print your own catalog" with a pdf print-your-own and otherwise adjusting this-and-that.

By the way, it rains here. Su-prize! Ir not only rains here but it rains so hard that there's a green ball on my weather-warner: flood alert. Again. Through tomorrow evening.

I'm sure there was something else I wanted to mention ... perhaps it comes back to me later and I'll post.

For those following the adventure: no letters of reversion on the electronic books yet.

Meanwhile have been working with a couple programs allowing me to make movies in Second Life. Now I'll have to find an avatar to star in my first action flick... Wallace and Grommet you've got nothing to be concerned about, I betcha!