June 7th, 2006


Ten Times Other stuff and a bonus -- Infodump #53

#1 Other stuff -- Yesterday to the oral surgeon. Not much pain,and a lot of potential gain. Looking forward to September/October, when this stuff should be really finished.

#2 Other stuff -- The check was not in the mail. Neither check was in any of the mailboxes.

#3 Other stuff -- Hey, the forecast is for showers or rain 6 out of the next 8 days...sigh

#4 Other stuff -- Orioles lost last night. Sigh.

#5 Other stuff -- You might like librarything.com. I'll remind you below.

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#6 Other stuff -- Sometime RSN need to get the car in for brakes-and-tires. When those checks arrive they'll set a record for disbursement.

#7 Other stuff -- Around 3 more days of soft food. Last night had scrapple and eggs for dinner, and watched more of Princess Tutu.

#8 Other stuff -- Got a few more graphs into the short story yesterday.

#9 Other stuff -- Have you seen www.librarything.com? You have been reminded.

#10 Other stuff --
Tomorrow will mark the 14th anniversary of our getting a mortgage for this house. In another 14 years it may be paid for.
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